Salary4life is a cooperative society run for the benefit of our members. When you take out a savings account with us, you will become a member of salary4life. By opening an account, not only do you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions for your account, but you also agree to be bound by our Rules.

Activation Fee is #1000/$3

Note: We Invest your savings in our Topup and Earn business, where we earn 5% profit and give you 2.5%.

You are to save either ₦1,500, #3000, #5000, #10,000 and #20,000 weekly for 24 weeks and introduce not less than two persons to save in the same manar or not less than 20 weeks to enable you cash out with your additional percentage and other profits as stated at the salary4life commission,

This account is a savings account, which is meant to be used to help you save money for at least 24 weeks. This account is not intended for making day-to-day transactions. If you want an account to use for day-to-day transactions, please contact us, as this is unlikely to be the right account for you.

Protecting the security of your account:

Keep you passwords and other security information secret. Don't write them down in an obvious place or in a way that someone else might understand. If you think someone else knows them or is using them without your permission, tell us as soon as you can. Let us know straight away if you don't receive something you were expecting from us.

Check your transactions regularly by looking at your statements and tell us straight away if there's anything you weren't expecting or you don't recognise. Follow any instructions we give you about protecting your account, but make sure you take sensible precautions to check that they are genuine instructions from us and not a fraudster. Remember that we will never ask you to reveal your PIN or your full security details to any of our staff.

We may stop all activity or specific payments or withdrawals on your account if we reasonably suspect fraudulent or unlawful activity on your account. We may also refuse to carry out a withdrawal on your account if you are unable to make the withdrawal as set out in the rule. We will reasonably believe that you did not give us the instruction; your instructions are unclear, incomplete or the details of the account you want it to go to are incorrect or there is not enough money in your account or we have been put on notice of a dispute or we have notified you that we intend to exercise our right of set-off.

We can suspend or cancel your right to use your passwords or login details if we suspect your security information is being used without your authorisation or fraudulently; or we have concerns relating to the security of the device you have used to request the payment.

Conclusion. You should communicate any suspected violations of this rule promptly to the management. Violations will be taken seriously and investigated by the management or by a person or persons designated by the management and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken in the event of any violations of the rule.