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If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact us.

How will I get to know whether my Top Up has been successful?

Once you complete your process of mobile recharging on Topup And Earn App, you or your customer will receive the following from us:
  • - Immediate response on your screen
  • - SMS from the selected operator with Top Up details
  • Is the Top Up instant?

    Yes. You get your Top Up immediately. As soon as payment is made, you will get a confirmation message from Topup And Earn on your phone screen while a Top Up message from a selected mobile operator will be sent to receiving phone line.

    What if the receiving line does not receive any Top Up?

    Usually, after a successful transaction, the receiving line should receive Top Up details in an SMS message from the selected mobile operator within 20 seconds. In case it takes more than 30 minutes, please mail us at or call our customer care line with your transaction details

    Do I need to contact my bank?

    Yes, we strongly advise you to contact your bank in the event that you experience any of the following challenges while making online payment for TopUp and Earn services:

  • - When your account is blocked while making a transaction
  • - When your debit card has not been enrolled for online transaction or is not enabled for highly secure online transactions.
  • - When you receive messages requiring you to provide your bank and debit account details via SMS or phone calls.
  • Is there any extra charge for TopUp

    There is no extra charge for recharging. However, if you TopUp using debit card, you will be charged:
  • - 3.5% + N100 (for amount N2500+) For Foreign Transactions ( Non Nigeria)
  • - 1.5% + N100 (for amount N2500+) For Local Transaction ( Nigeria)
  • Which mobile operators does TopUp and Earn support?

    TopUp and Earn supports Top Ups for all major operators across Nigeria.

    How do I make a Top Up on TopUp and Earn?

    Click on the network of your choice, type the phone number you want to Top Up and the amount, then click “Pay”.

    How do I find my CVV code?

    Yes you can use your local and international card to process payment in our system

    Do you acccept both local and International Card?

    Yes, Local and International Card is Accepted on our platform.

    What is 3D Secure Verification?

    3D Secure Verification is a free and automatic online security service that has been implemented by your bank to help guard your card against unauthorised use online. When making purchases online, 3Ds verification will prompt card owner to enter an OTP to authenticate the transaction. If the OTP is correct, the card owner will get verified and the purchase transaction will be processed and completed. The OTP can be generated via the card owner’s bank page or through the card owner’s bank token.

    Is it safe to Top Up online?

    Yes, it is very safe to Top Up online.

    How can I make the payments?

    There are three modes of payments:
  • - Debit/ATM Card
  • - Cash deposit to any of our accounts.
  • - Online Payment
  • Why did my payment fail?

    Recharging with TopUp and Earn is usually seamless and successful. However, when transaction fails, there are various reasons why that can happen:
  • - Network Error: Most probably occurs as a result of fluctuation in your mobile connection
  • - Speed Limit Errors: This happens when you retried (a transaction) too soon, usually the App requires you to wait few minutes before retrying
  • - Card Errors:
  • » Transaction Not Permitted Errors: This error occurs when the card you are using has not been approved by your bank for online transactions.
  • » CVV Doesn’t Match: CVV is the 3 digit at the back of your ATM card. Your transaction can fail if you did not input the correct CVV.
  • What do I do when I forget my password?

    Click on the “forgot password” and follow the steps. Alternatively,you can send a message support@topupandearn.comto help reset from our server.

    Is there any entry fee required?

    Yes. To you TopUp and Earn, you need to register with #1000

    Will i earn if i refer other people?

    Yes. You will earn 50% of your entry fee as referral bonus.

    Is there any other commission aside the referral bonus?

    Yes there are other commission. Kinldy visit our commission plan page to get details.

    What is your Customer Care Phone Number and Email Address?

    Kindly contact our customer care representative by sending an email to

    How much will i earn on each Subscription and TopUp?

  • Mtn: 1.5%
  • Glo:2.5%
  • Airtel:2.5%
  • Etisalat:2.5%
  • Smile:2.5%
  • StarTimes:1.5%
  • Spectranet &Swift: N15 per transaction
  • Gotv & Dstv: N15 per transaction
  • IKEDC& EKEDP: N15 per transaction
  • Foreign top-up commission is equal to 5% to all networks
  • Can I withdraw my commission to my bank account?

    Yes, Your commissions will automatically reflect in your user account. If you need your money to reflect in your bank account, you can automatically request for a payout.

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